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Sisters in Spirit (left and middle-right)

Sisters in Spirit was inspired by the relationship between Pendleton and her "sister-city" Minamisoma in Fukushima Prefecture Japan. Randy was chaperoning students on a cultural enrichment tour to the city (formerly Hiromachi) when he was approached by the Mayor to create a sculpture commemorating the relationship between the two beautiful cities. The elegant statue he created is encased in glass and on display at the Minamisoma Cultural Center in Japan. The Pendleton Arts Center also commissioned a replica statue to mark the historic relationship.

Stella Darby (right)

The former bordello Madame Stella Darby was comissioned by the Pendleton Underground Tours. Once upon a time in the wild west Pendleton Oregon was not only known for one of the largest outdoor rodeos in the US but also it's bootlegging and brothel scene hidden in intricate tunnels running inconspicuously under the bustling frontier city's streets. 

Fukushima Prefecture


Crest of Minamisoma Japan


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